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MARA Fertility Acupuncture Clinic:- Clinic Founder, Fertility Acupuncture Specialist & mother of three.

Linda Ryan

BA, Lic. TCM, CH

“Experiencing fertility issues can bring up lots of questions, plenty of self-doubt & leave you feeling isolated, vulnerable & frustrated.

I know because I had my own difficulty getting pregnant.

Hi, I’m Linda Ryan, Fertility Acupuncturist & mother of three.

Having overcome my own fertility issues is what drives me to help women like you to achieve the results that I made happen for myself.”

Linda Ryan, B.A., Lic. TCM, CH

Linda Ryan was born in New York. Linda has been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Ireland for over 15 years now. Her interest in acupuncture for fertility enhancement was sparked by her own experience of fertility difficulties & the ultimate success to which she credits acupuncture for infertility. Years ago Linda also recognised the vital need to reduce the stress associated with infertility & trained in Hypnosis, Mindfulness & Meditiation to create a complete Mind Body Fertility Programme. She lives in Co. Kildare with her husband & 3 children.

Over the years Linda has become a trusted authority in Ireland in the field of Fertility Acupuncture.  Linda has been referred to as a Leader in the field of Fertility Acupuncture starting from when she & a colleague were the first 2 acupuncturists in Ireland to make the leap to specialising in fertility acupuncture & opened acupuncture clinics that only treat fertility.  Linda’s clinic has stood the test of time & to this day continues to only treat fertility.  Linda has developed pioneering fertility acupuncture treatment programmes & enjoys educating other acupuncturists.  Linda has developed a network of trusted acupuncturists, nutritionists & other reputable therapists that she is happy to refer you to because she is confident in their level of skills & ethics.

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MARA Fertility Acupuncture Clinic: What makes MARA right for you?

  1. Convenient Clinic Locations: we are convenient to get to, with clinic locations in Dublin City Centre, Clane, Co. Kildare & at the renowned Sean Boylan’s Clinic in Dunboyne, Co. Meath.  Free parking.
  2. Convenient Appointment Times: we are open 9am to 9pm, we work to fit around and suit your IVF appointment schedule, we are available to do your pre & post embryo transfer treatments (even on weekends) & we offer streamlined lunchtime appointments.
  3. Confidentiality: MARA Fertility Acupuncture is provided in a confidential, professional, caring clinic setting and manner. We understand the need for keeping your fertility issues confidential & we will never ask you to expose yourself by “liking” us on Facebook or other social media. We don’t even have a facebook page (a conscious decision, but bad marketing we’ve been told) However, we made that choice because we recognise & prioritise your need for confidentiality. We don’t even have signs outside our clinics that mention fertility acupuncture (yes, that’s even more bad marketing), but your need for confidentiality is more important and we want you to be able to walk through our doors without feeling self conscious that someone might see you & assume you have fertility problems.
  4. The Highest Standard IVF Acupuncture: Linda is authorised to administer acupuncture on site in IVF clinics such as SIMS IVF Clinic & she works in conjunction with your IVF treatments; she regularly treat clients attending Clane Fertility Clinic Institut Marques, Merrion Fertility Clinic, SIMS, HARI, Beacon Care Fertility, ReproMed, NAPRO, Consultants & GP’s.
  5. Linda is a Leader in Fertility Acupuncture in Ireland:  Nearly 15 years ago Linda first began to set the standard of practice in Fertility Acupuncture in Ireland by exclusively treating fertility issues.  Linda now has several clinic locations in Ireland. To this day Linda continues to guarantee you that she genuinely only treats fertility issues. Linda doesn’t just have a special interest in fertility acupuncture, she is passionately dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of having a family which is why she only focuses on fertility. Clinic Director & Fertility Acupuncturist Linda Ryan knows first hand about what it’s like trying to conceive: When you are trying to conceive, it comes to a point where you feel like the most important thing in your life is to have a baby, material things become less important, other things don’t seem to matter as much.  This is what drove Linda to concentrate only on fertility and what has led her to opening up an exclusive Fertility Acupuncture Clinic.  It is also the very foundation of the success of her clinic which leads to results and creating families.   Linda is proud to have set a standard of practice excellence in Ireland for utilising acupuncture for infertility.  As such, Linda regularly combs through the latest research in fertility & she stays up to date with the latest and current IVF treatment protocols.  Many years ago, Linda completed all the requirements for the Zita West Acupuncture Network & the Acupuncture Fertility Network.. Today Linda Ryan is a respected authority in Ireland in her chosen field of Fertillity Acupuncture.  Every day in her clinics includes working with: Infertility investigations & treatments, blood work results of hormone panels, everything IVF related, Endocrinology (hormones), Gynaecology, Pregnancy/Obstetrics, Labour preparation & Labour induction & Post partum issues. And Linda enjoys going to work & helping people just like you.
  6. Getting Pregnant with MARA Fertility Acupuncture: We care about results because results matter. Our clients who are trying to conceive tell us that they come to us for Fertility Acupuncture & ivf stress relief because they want to be proactive & do everything they can to get pregnant, they want to regain some control. Linda developed a pioneering 2 Week Wait Hypnosis programme that her patients love. We help you take back control of your life  future. Reducing your stress levels is important to us. At MARA, our aim is to help you move the target closer so you can realise your goal of getting pregnant & having a family.

The MARA Method and Standards

Originally named Fertility Edge Acupuncture, MARA Fertility Acupuncture Clinic was re branded in 2013 with the opening of the second clinic in Dublin City Centre.

MARA only treats Fertility

Throughout our years as Fertility Acupuncturists, MARA Fertility Acupuncture Clinic has continually brought the most up to date & innovative solutions to couples who find themselves in the situation of trying to conceive. At MARA, because we genuinely only treat fertility, we are proud to have set a standard of practice excellence in Ireland for utilising acupuncture for infertility. Many try to specialise & say that they do specialise, but they do not actually make the leap to genuinely only treating fertility.

What is the MARA Clinic like?

We have our own professional clinic premises in Clane that are specially designed for your comfort and needs. It is due to our professionalism, warmth, consistent successes & reputation that we stand the test of time & continue to grow. No stone is left unturned when we help people, just like you, who find themselves in difficult infertility situations.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are couples who are trying to conceive naturally & those using assisted support such as IVF. We regularly work in conjunction with clients attending SIMS, Merrion Fertility Clinic, Institut Marques (formerly Clane Fertility Clinic), HARI, Beacon Care Fertility, ReproMed, NAPRO, Consultants & GP’s. MARA acupuncture for infertility experts can provide you with a pioneering approach to your next IVF cycle. So whether you are trying to conceive naturally or want to take advantage of combining IVF & acupuncture & hypnosis, we are committed to continually raising the bar of excellence. We are passionate & persevering fertility acupuncturists who work hard at making a difference in the lives of our clients.