Maca and Fertility: Is Maca Good for Fertility?

Author, Linda Ryan, BA, Lic. TCM, CH

MACA and Fertility: Is MACA Good for Fertility?

Trying to get pregnant? Get yourself some Maca! This natural herb is growing in popularity among those trying to get pregnant because it has shown to increase fertility without causing any harmful side effects.

What is MACA?

It is a cruciferous vegetable native to Peru and long believed to boost stamina and increase energy levels, the Maca root has been used by healers for centuries. The Maca root is commonly found in the form of a powder or pill supplement, it is packed with nutrients the body needs to be fertile (a whopping 31 minerals & 60 phytonutrients!)

Maca and fertility


What Does MACA Do?

Boasting full of antioxidants that replenish cells to energize and revitalize them. This miracle herb naturally balances estrogen levels, thus helping improve fertility. Maca is also commonly used to treat mood swings, memory loss and a low sex drive.

What Are the Benefits of Maca?

Maca has been shown to raise a woman’s chances of conceiving by supporting the thyroid and balancing hormones. It’s also commonly used to reduce blood sugar, guard cells from disease, protect against neurological damage and so much more.

When Do I Take MACA?

Since Maca is an energizing herb, you’ll want to fuel up on it early in the day so you can get plenty of sleep. Maca can be taken throughout your menstrual cycle, including during menstruation. After all, sleep is another essential component if you’re wanting to boost fertility.

Dosage: How Much MACA Do I Take?

If you’re trying to conceive or preparing your body for IVF implantation, it’s recommended you take about 500-3000 mg of Maca daily.

What Are The Side Effects?

There are little to no side effects associated with Maca, so it’s usually safe for those trying to get pregnant. However, some women have experienced a bit of spotting and/or a slight change in their menstrual cycle after adding Maca to their daily regimen. This is totally normal! These are just signs that the body is adjusting to a newly established hormonal balance provided by this healthy herb.

Everybody’s talking about MACA for fertility because it’s effective, affordable and gentle on the body. What better reason do you need to get your hands on some of this potent herb?

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