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What to expect from your Fertility Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a modality/ branch of Chinese Medicine which cleverly takes into consideration the mind, body and lifestyle circumstances. Fertility Acupuncture treatment in particular is not about just sliding needles in and that’s it, at MARA we know that there is much more at play here when treating fertility; even the stresses and strains of trying to conceive begin to play a part in hindering conception and this also varies in complexity from couple to couple, not to mention the underlying root causes of the problem. So at MARA, we look at the whole picture. As such, all aspects of your health and your lifestyle are relevant and must be taken into consideration when determining a proper diagnosis and your personalised treatment plan. Every person is unique and so are their circumstances. In all our years of experience, no two clients have ever come in with the same set of circumstances and so to get the best results, at MARA we take the time to treat each person individually and get to the root.

How to Start Fertility Acupuncture Treatment with MARA

Simply ring us and schedule an initial consultation. You will then be asked to fill in forms for your first appointment/the initial consultation (this includes a session of acupuncture).

Your first appointment / initial consultation  is a unique opportunity for you to tell us everything about your particular fertility situation and to feel that you are really being heard. We will listen and attune to your unique fertility situation. We will begin an in depth evaluation to uncover the underling factors that may be preventing you from conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy. Many factors can disrupt the delicate hormonal symphony that is required for building your lining, ovulation, fertilisation, implantation and pregnancy. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, with the help of an IVF clinic, or have had a diagnoses such as unexplained infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, high FSH, or suffered miscarriages, we want to uncover why and treat accordingly to get you moving in the right direction of obtaining the best results.

Your MARA Personalised Treatment Plan

Your personal treatment plan is formulated during your first appointment using your specific situation and needs as the foundation. For the best results, MARA utilises a methodology which is based on the efficacy of modern day clinical research and focuses on the natural menstrual cycle, specifically the follicular and luteal phases of your cycle. If you are undergoing an assisted cycle such as IVF, your treatment plan will cater specifically for this situation.

You will be given your first session of fertility acupuncture at your initial consultation.

As Results are Achieved

Throughout your treatment, we re-evaluate your condition and assess your progress taking into account the improvements you are experiencing as a result of your treatment.  Accordingly your treatment plan is updated to reflect and accommodate the resulting improvements and changes in your condition. You might be surprised at how quickly you begin to notice results such as; pregnancy (of course), significant changes and improvements in your menstrual cycles, blood lab results improved, semen analysis results improved, better response to IVF medications and treatments, sleep improvement, energy improvement, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, digestion improvement as well as an improvement in general well-being. You might also be pleasantly surprised to notice many improvements in other areas and ailments that were very specific to you.

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