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The 2ww juice smoothie -evidence based

The 2ww juice smoothie – evidence based

How to have the Best 2 week wait: Drink this juice combo There is an evidence based 2 week wait implantation Juice/smoothie. You read that right, it’s a thing AND it’s been studied. See the recipe below. Implantation failure is still a great unknown. Improving uterine vascular health and circulation might be one way to …

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woman's stomach with picture of digestive microbiome

Microbiome Infertility Connection

“A new perspective on fertility is emerging as a result of increasing knowledge about the microbiome– and its role in reproductive health.” A panel of 37 fertility experts, including clinicians from across Europe, met to generate best practice recommendations for fertility experts interested in utilising the microbiome to improve their clinical practice. A recent study in April …

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First IVF Clane Clinic

First IVF Clane Clinic Breaking news! The IVF Clinic in Clane is now called “Fisrt IVF“ The First IVF clinic Medical Director is no longer Dr. Lyuda Shkrobot. For up to date information, You can visit the First IVF Clinic website at FIRST IVF states on their mission website page that their shared purpose is: “To …

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Sean Boylan Herbalist

Sean Boylan Herbalist It’s nearly 10 years now that I have had the opportunity to have my Fertility Acupuncture Clinic located in the well known Sean Boylan Herbalist Clinic in Dunboyne.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know Sean.  Sean Boylan is a true gentleman & possesses a wealth of knowledge about health …

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Black cohosh for fertility photo of black cohosh plant

Black Cohosh for Fertility : When should you take Black Cohosh?

Black Cohosh for Fertility Black Cohosh has been used for centuries to help with infertility and female reproductive issues. More recently, the Black Cohosh fertility link is due to it being a possible Clomid alternative & also being linked to improve the effectiveness of Clomid as well as black cohosh being used as a PCOS …

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