BBT Charting

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BBT Charting

Author Linda Ryan, BA, Lic TCM, VH

BBT stands for Basal Body Temperature.  BBT Charting is when you take your temperature every day during your menstrual cycle and write the temperature on a chart. This is done to get a good picture of your most fertile window during your cycle. The time after ovulation and before your period arrives is called the luteal phase.  The follicular phase is before ovulation (this is the time when your follicles should grow).   You are looking to see lower temperatures before ovulation in your follicular phase.  And in particular, you are looking for a spike in your temperature just after ovulation.  Sometime during the luteal phase is when implantation of an embryo should take place. So you want to see your temperature stay raised during that time to help the embryo grow.  You can use ovulation sticks in conjunction with your BBT Charting to provide you with an indicator of your fertile window of opportunity.

Why do BBT Charting?

Knowing your fertile window of opportunity is great because it helps you narrow down the time which you have to “try” to conceive.   This can be great because as anyone who has been “trying” to conceive for a while knows, it can become a chore.  So, BBT Charting lets you not only know when you absolutely must “try”, you also know when you can have fun just for fun.  The rise in temperature is not only a good indicator that you have ovulated.  It is also a good indicator that you have the proper amounts of hormones present to allow for implantation and help an embryo continue to develop and a pregnancy to progress.

How do you do BBT Charting?

  1. Take your temperature first thing in the morning.  You must do this even before you get out of bed, speak or do anything.  Tip: leave your thermometer within easy reach on your bedside table so that you don’t have to move a lot to get it. Also, if you use a glass thermometer, be sure to shake it down before going to sleep.
  2. Take your temperature at the same time every day, even on weekends, so set your alarm if needs be.  The reason for this is that your temperature starts to go up the later it gets and you won’t capture an accurate temperature spike if you’re not taking it at the same time each day
  3. Write your temperature on your BBT Chart every day after you take it.
  4. After a menstrual cycle of BBT Charting, look for a spike in temperature for at least three days.
  5. Do BBT Charting for a few months to get a good picture of what is happening.

graphic showing menstrual cycle and when you should do BBT Charting

Always consult your doctor for medical advice. For more information on BBT Charting , go to WebMD.

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