Get pregnant during the Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic? Should you try?

Last updated: April 30th, 2021 at 06:56 pm

Get pregnant during the Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic? Should you try?

Should you still try and get pregnant during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic?

Is it safe to get pregnant during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Can you financially afford to get pregnant during a lockdown?

I’m sure you’ve heard the whisperings about how there might be a baby boom in 9 months time with so many couples having so much time together in lockdown. Does that make you feel hopeful and/or under more pressure? Should you try and get pregnant during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic?

If you’ve had any difficulty trying to get pregnant, you may feel under more pressure.  You may be worried if it’s a safe time to conceive. You may have other factors adding to your stress levels.

But the thought of having to put off trying for any length of time is frustrating.  Now you’ve got the Coronavirus Pandemic  making you question if it is even safe to get pregnant now.

The quick totally unsatisfying answer is that because Covid-19 is so new, we really don’t know how this will or won’t affect a pregnancy (both your health and that of a growing baby in utero).

At the start of the Pandemic and due to the uncertainty,  The European Society for Human Reproduction & Embryology, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the British Fertility Society had even advised fertility specialists and fertility clinics to not provide any treatment which would lead to pregnancy.

In March, Fertility clinics in Ireland and many in other parts of Europe and America stopped doing treatments that would result in a pregnancy. Treatments such as IVF cycles, IUI cycles and administering fertility drugs to induce ovulation were stopped back in March.

However, in recent days, many IVF Fertility Clinics in Ireland have opened up again.  Institut Marques is doing consultations over the phone and in patient appointments are adhering to safe practices.  SIMS in Dublin is also reopening.

So, if you want to keep trying to get pregnant during the Covid-19 Pandemic, you can now avail of the help that Fertility IVF Clinics have to offer or you can try naturally.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Have you consulted with your doctor? Arrange a telephone closeup of doctor in scrubs holding sign that says consult your doctorappointment with your doctor to discuss your particular health condition/ your personal health risks (if any) and the most up to date medical information about Covid-19 and pregnancy.  For the up to date information on Covid-19 and pregnancy click here for the latest information from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) .  For example, if you have Diabetes, you may be at a higher risk for complications when it comes to Covid-19.
  2. Can you financially afford to get pregnant and have a baby? Things have drastically changed financially for many people.  Working conditions have also drastically changed for a lot of people. So reassess your situation and see where you’re at.

Remember, your situation is unique to you and noone else has walked a mile in your shoes on your fertility journey, especially during the Covid 19 Pandemic, so be very good to yourself and very kind to yourself.

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