Infertility and Pregnant Friends

Last updated: April 30th, 2018 at 03:44 pm

Infertility and Pregnant Friends

Author Linda Ryan, BA, Lic TCM, CH

In a recent article titled: How it feels when your friends are having babies and you’re not. The author, Kat Lister, discusses what it’s like dealing with infertility and pregnant friends.  She writes, “it’s okay to feel a little unrooted in your close female friendships – especially when it comes to steering them through weddings, break-ups, babies and even IVF. I should know – I went through my first in vitro cycle this year and it was hard to watch friends tummies expanding when mine just didn’t want to play ball. It still is.”.

As time goes on Kat comes to a realisation: “But I am beginning to realise something pretty wonderful as I battle through the brambles this year. I used to think true friendships were defined by our likeness. Here’s the thing: they’re not. I can honestly say that my strongest connections with the women in my life are the ones that are enhanced by our differences, not broken by them. What matters most is how we navigate through and the journey makes us stronger.”  You can read the full article here.

Infertility and Pregnant Friends and Facebook

How do you feel when your friends and family post photos and announcements of new babies and their children on Facebook?  Dealing with infertility and pregnant friends in person can be hard enough.  Seeing the family life they are living when you are trying so hard to create it can be difficult. infertility and pregnant friends A group of Researchers from The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen decided to do a study that asked the question, “Can staying off Facebook can make you happier?”  The results are in and apparently so.

To look at the impact of the social network on happiness, the researchers recruited 1,095 daily Facebook users. They found that 94% of those Facebook users visited Facebook as part of a daily routine. The participants were split into two groups. One group was allowed to access Facebook and use it as normal.  The other group was forced to quit cold turkey.

The findings were that “After a single week, the group forced to quit Facebook reported feeling more satisfied with their life. Researchers found that 88% of those who were forced to give up Facebook felt “happy,” compared with 81% of those who were still on the site.  The group not on Facebook enjoyed life more, was less angry, and more enthusiastic. The group also saw an increase in their social activity and their satisfaction with their social life. The group that still regularly used Facebook was 55% more likely to feel stressed. Researchers suggest that as Facebook highlights the best of everyone’s life, people on the site end up focusing on what other people have, which may explain why users felt less happy after regularly using the site.”  Click here to visit the Happiness Research Institute and read the report.

So you may want to consider your Facebook usage.

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