IVF Acupuncture in Ireland – COVID 19 Update

Last updated: May 27th, 2020 at 07:36 am

IVF Acupuncture in Ireland COVID 19 Update: We are open with New Procedures

Since IVF Clinics (like Institut Marques in Clane) have reopened, we have found that the demand for IVF Acupuncture in Ireland is once again here.  But because of the COVID 19 situation, you may find it difficult to find an IVF Acupuncturist near you who will treat you during your IVF stimulation, pre & post embryo transfer & for 2 week wait support with IVF acupuncture.

Health & Safety Protocols for IVF Acupuncture in Ireland

IVF Acupuncturists must implement the Irish government’s Health & Safety protocols in order to be open & provide their “Paramedical and essential therapy services”. There must be things like hand washing / disinfectant hand gel available for both the acupuncturist & patient.  There may be some delays for some IVF Acupuncture clinics opening simply because they do not have hand washing facilities & / or disinfectant hand gel is hard to find these days. Other Acupuncturists may not be open because the location they rent/work out of is not an essential business, so they cannot access their clinic space & they are not in control of implementing the health & safety protocols in their work location, thus they cannot ensure they are adhering to government requirements in order to treat safely.

Since we here at MARA have our own clinic space in Clane, we can be fully confident that we are adhering to & complying with the implementation of the Irish government’s Health & Safety protocols for our acupuncture paramedical and essential therapy services.

Steps we are taking here at MARA IVF Acupuncture to ensure the highest standard IVF Acupuncture care in Ireland:

  • Completion of the government’s necessary health & safety risk assessment
  • Implementation of the government’s necessary health & safety protocols
  • Completion of WHO course on Infection Prevention & Control

MARA IVF Acupuncture Clinic Procedures & Policies in response to Covid-19

Here at MARA, we have implemented several procedures in compliance with the Irish Government’s Health & Safety Guidelines & Precautions.  This is not an exhaustive list, these are just some of the key policies that are in place:

  • Patients are asked to stay home if they are experiencing illness, are having symptoms of flu or virus, have been confirmed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days, or have had any contact with someone who has been confirmed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days.  Additionally, those with compromised or weak immune systems are encouraged to stay home a bit longer.
  • Patients are asked to fill in a Pre-treatment screening form upon arrival(asking questions such as have you been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days, etc.). No patient will receive treatment if they do not fill in this form.
  • Acupuncturists will be wearing a mask & gloves during treatment.
  • Upon entering the building, you are required to sanitise your hands-there is gel provided for you or you may wash your hands. Hand sanitiser is also provided throughout the clinic (in the treatments rooms, washroom, hallways etc.)
  • No patient will have to wait or sit in the waiting area or come into contact with another patient as we are scheduling appointments farther apart. In order to facilitate this, we ask that you text us when you arrive & then wait in your car or outside & we will open the door for you.  We also ask that you have family members wait for you in the car or outside unless you require assistance.
  • We are allowing additional time between patients for sanitising rooms, sanitising surfaces & exchanging the air (opening skylights & windows & air sanitiser spray).
  • As always, all of our needles are single use disposable: this means a new needle is taken out of a packet & then thrown away after use.
  • We are referring all herbal requests to Dunboyne Herbs. They will give you a phone consultation & prescribe herbs that you can pick up at their location.

Appointments for IVF Acupuncture in Ireland

Here at MARA, we are open & currently scheduling in appointments.

Just give us a ring 01- 291-4557

or send us an email with the words “Priority Appointment” in the subject line and we will get you scheduled in straight away, just click on our contact page.

We are currently open & scheduling IVF Acupuncture & Fertility Acupuncture appointments, send us an email to get Priority & scheduled in.

Just send us a quick email: info@fertilityacupuncture.ie  & we will put you on our Priority Appointment scheduling list & contact you straight away to schedule you in. Just put “Priority Appointment” in the subject area.

Can’t find IVF Acupuncture Near You that is Currently Open? Here are a few things you can do to help support your IVF cycle:

  • Mindful IVF-this a great app developed by Ireland’s own IVF Acupuncturist Gordon Mullins. It is a mindfulness app for IVF. It has specific meditations for every stage of your IVF cycle (down regulation, stimulation, egg collection, pre & post embryo transfer & 2ww, etc.). Gordon has even added some special mindfulness meditations for the Covid 19 situation-this is our best recommendation.
  • Yoga- there are so many great Yoga exercises available on the web now, just a quick google & you’ll be able to quickly & easily find a fertility yoga practice for your level, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.
  • Fertility Feng Shui your home-simple, quick & easy to do. Staying at home? This is a great opportunity to Declutter!
  • Fertility Diet- just a quick google search here & you’ll be able to find a fertility diet to suit you. Whether it’s a special fertility dietary need like gluten free, or vegetarian fertility diet to just a regular fertility diet, you’ll be able to find something that is both tasty & doable.
  • Fertility Prayers to get pregnant– and then there is good old prayer, why not give it a try. Try St. Rita’s fertility prayer or St. Gerard fertility prayer
  • Read the Lockdown tips from Institut Marques IVF clinic

Concerned About Whether or Not You Should Try to Get Pregnant during the Covid 19 Pandemic?

This is a question we have been getting asked a lot these days.  Lots of factors come into this personal decision.  We always say consult your doctor. Please go to our blog article for a more in depth discussion on the subject.

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