IVF Cost Ireland: IVF Price Comparison List between IVF Clinics in Ireland

Last updated: April 30th, 2021 at 07:45 pm

IVF Cost in Ireland – How Much is IVF?

IVF Price Comparison List between IVF Clinic prices in Ireland

IVF Clinics Covid 19 Update:

Most of the IVF clinics in Ireland have now reopened.  They seem to be opting for doing the consultations via phone & sending you your prescriptions for the pharmacy.  You will need to go to the IVF Clinic premises for procedures.  The IVF Clinics all say they have proper PPE & other safety procedures implemented for the Covid 19 situation to keep you safe. 

IVF Top Tips:

If you are thinking of doing IVF, you might want to get your first consultation booked in because the IVF clinics are currently very busy and have waiting lists.

If travelling to an IVF clinic for an appointment, make sure you have a letter from them stating such- just in case you are outside of the travel kilometer radius from your home & are stopped & questioned by the police.  You don’t want to be heading in for egg collection & get turned around by the police, timing is critical.

*Current IVF treatment cost in Ireland: We endeavour to regularly check the prices listed on the clinic’s websites and update accordingly: the updated date of this article is usually the most recent date checked, but for up to the minute IVF costs, click through to each clinic’s IVF cost page, for your convenience, you can easily click on the IVF clinic name links we have at the end of this article, the links should take you straight to their current ivf costs page. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any inaccurate information provided here, contact each clinic directly to obtain their current prices.

*please also read the section below on the “extra add on” costs of IVF that you will have to add to the price listed below.  How much is IVF really? IVF treatment costs vary from IVF Clinic to Clinic and the procedures they include in the IVF Cost price that they list on their website varies as well. Listed below is their general starting price for IVF treatments.

IVF Clinic Name & location IVF – in vitro fertilization price ICSI cost -intracytoplasmic sperm injection Egg Donor IVF Cost
Beacon Care Fertility Dublin €4500 €4,900 (4500+400) Not listed on website
Fetal & Fertility Health Clinic, Galway €4250 €4650 Not listed on website
First IVF (formerly Institut Marques), Clane €5,960 €3280 -website says “mini IVF + ICSI) €5,230
Merrion Fertility Clinic, Dublin €4,500 €4,900 Not listed on website
Repromed, Dublin €4,600 €5,000 €9500
Rotunda IVF Dublin, see SIMS below.

The Board of The Rotunda Hospital sold its fertility clinic, HARI

SIMS, Dublin & Cork €4,600 €4,920 €8,700
Waterstone Clinic Cork €5,000 €5,500 €9,850

See links listed below to the price pages of each clinic’s website.

How Much is IVF Really?
IVF Cost Ireland: There are “extra add on” costs of IVF that you should be aware of

The IVF cost listed above does NOT include the cost of IVF medications that you will have to take.

IVF price listed above does not always include the initial bloodwork, scans, pap smears and consultant appointments, etc. that you must have done before even starting an IVF cycle. So if one IVF cost seems a lot lower than other clinics, they may have not listed the total cost of all procedures needed.  And sometimes the clinic websites factor in what you might receive back from your insurance or a tax rebate and put up the reduced cost, but you still have to pay up front first and then hope you will get it back from insurance, tax claim, etc.

It is also important for you to know that there can be necessary additional costs when doing IVF that are not always included in the IVF price’s listed above.  For example, if you have more embryo’s than you can transfer back to the womb, you may have to pay extra to freeze the extra embryos for use at a later date (after all you won’t say “oh just let those extra embryo’s die off”).  Most people want to let their embryos progress and then freeze them for use at a later date.  Embryo freezing can be another €700-€900.  If you are having egg donation the price can greatly vary due to whether you choose a known or anonymous donor.

Some examples of additional IVF costs / charges are:

  • Assisted hatching of embryo
  • Blastocyst culturing beyond 3 days
  • embryo glue (intended to help an embryo implant)
  • embryoscope, timelapse technology (monitors embryo’s as they develop)
  • embryo freezing
  • yearly fee for storing the frozen embryo’s
  • endometrial scratch
  • dummy transfer (this is a trial run to see if embryo transfer would go smoothly)

IVF Tax Relief in Ireland

You can claim a portion of the cost of IVF against your tax credits. This used to be done by filing the Med 1 form, but this is no longer how to claim. On 11 Feb 2019, The Revenue website states:

“The Med 1 is no longer available. Health expenses are claimed through your tax return form. You can claim relief on health expenses after the year has ended. You should wait for your P60 statement to arrive before claiming. You must also wait for the P60 statement from your spouse or civil partner if you are jointly assessed. You can only claim for expenses that you have receipts for. You can claim relief on the last four year’s health expenses.”

So make sure you keep all your receipts.

In Vitro Fertilization Price: other considerations when choosing an IVF Clinic

  • What clinic do you feel most comfortable in? Do you feel listened to and understood?graphic depicting best choice
  • What clinic is most convenient for you? Location, scanning times, etc.. There will be a lot of going back and forth for appointments during your IVF cycle, how does that fit in with work, etc.? Some IVF clinics offer scans before 9am and during lunchtimes, etc..
  • Do you have confidence in the IVF treatment plan that is being recommended to you?


If you want to learn what happens during an IVF cycle, read our Article (written in easy to understand layman’s terms/ not too much medical jargon): “A Brief Synopsis of What Happens During an IVF cycle”

If you feel that IVF sounds daunting & overwhelming, my patients highly recommend the following book: “IVF, A Detailed Guide: Everything I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Fertility Treatments.”

If you are considering having IVF and want to prepare, check out the book: “It Starts with the Egg”


IVF Cost Ireland: links to current website IVF cost pages for each Irish IVF clinic listed above

BEACON CARE FERTILITY CLINIC:     https://www.beaconcarefertility.ie/ivf-costs/


MERRION FERTILITY CLINIC: Pricelist • Merrion Fertility Clinic

FETAL & FERTILITY HEALTH CLINIC, GALWAY: Pricing – Fertility & Fetal Health Galway (fertilityandfetalhealth.ie)

REPROMED: Price List – ReproMed

ROTUNDA: The Board of The Rotunda Hospital sold its fertility clinic, HARI. See SIMS

Fertility Treatment Costs | Sims IVF

SIMS: Fertility Treatment Costs | Sims IVF

WATERSTONE CLINIC CORK:  https://waterstoneclinic.ie/paying-for-fertility-treatment/our-price-list/

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