Institut Marquès Clane: Medical Staff Update

Last updated: November 12th, 2018 at 02:23 pm

Institut Marques, Clane Medical Staff Update

Medical Staffing Update at Institut Marquès Clane, Co. Kildare

Since the change of ownership and re-branding from Clane Fertility Clinic to Institut Marquès there has been an interest in whether the core Consultant medical staff are staying on at Institut Marquès.

Yesterday I met with key staff and leadership of Institut Marquès in Clane and was reassured that Consultant staffing would be consistent as before and after the change of ownership. Details relating to the continuing staffing are available if you click here.

So feel free to spread the word on facebook & in the fertility forums so that any concerns are eased.

The Changeover

Recently you may have noticed some other changes with the transition to Institut Marquès.

Change is the only constant in life”  – Heraclitus

You may be noticing some changes at Institut Marquès in Clane.  There is a brand new website as well as updating the clinic premises, and I must say some very cool technology like their Embryomobile. observa-embriones-desde-el-movil This actually allows you to watch, on your smartphone, your embryos in the incubator through an embryoscope during the days between egg collection and embryo transfer.  Over the years I think I have probably heard every one of my IVF acupuncture patients say “I’m dying to know if my embryos are still growing”.  A survey carried out by Institut Marquès and presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction Congress (ESHRE) revealed that, for most patients, the experience of using the Embryomobile is “moving”, “amazing” and also “reduces anxiety”. Patients get more directly involved during the treatment and this reduces their stress levels.

Reducing stress levels is key in my Fertility Acupuncture Clinic.  You all know that I focus a lot on helping you to reduce stress (especially during the 2 week wait) and I think that the Embryomobile can be a useful tool to help reduce the stress during the uncertain time between egg collection and embryo transfer. You can learn more about the Institut Marquès Embryomobile by clicking here. If you would like to see a video of a developing embryo through the embryoscope then click here it’s pretty amazing to see new life forming.

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