Why MARA’s alignment with Sean Boylan’s Dunboyne Herbs is great news for our clients.

Last updated: August 7th, 2020 at 10:18 am

Sean Boylan’s Dunboyne Herbs Clinic & MARA Acupuncture

Since 2013, MARA Fertility Acupuncture Clinic is delighted to be located with Sean Boylan in his Dunboyne Herbs Clinic. Sean Boylan’s reputation as a herbalist, healer and coach is well known.  The art and science of the indigenous herbalists and healers within the Boylan family can be traced as far back as the 15th century. That is a wealth of knowledge and experience passed down and available to you.  http://www.dunboyneherbs.ie

Our approach to your fertility is aligned with Sean Boylan’s Sean Boylan and Linda Ryanapproach to health:- that addressing your health and well-being for the times you live in, is the key to providing and setting up the conditions in which your body can heal itself and allow new life to grow.

Each generation has fostered the knowledge of their ancestors, but adapted successfully to the needs of the times they live in. Sean Boylan and Linda Ryan

Linking with Sean Boylan and his team enhances the service MARA offers to clients at our Dunboyne site and indeed across all our clinic locations.  Our patients will have:

  • Access to the best herbalists in Ireland,
  • Access to the top rated herbal medicine available in Ireland,
  • Ability to consult with professionals in multidisciplinary & complementary practices

We are thrilled with the quality of the facilities available for our clients in Dunboyne. Located on Sean Boylan’s herb farm, Sean’s clinic is an oasis from the vicissitudes of everyday life. The location makes it easy to access for clients from Navan and all over Meath, Blanchardstown & West Dublin. Indeed people visit Sean Boylan’s clinic from all over Ireland.

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