Sharon Corr played live music to developing embryos at Institut Marques

Last updated: May 30th, 2019 at 11:15 am

How cool is it that Sharon Corr played live music to developing embryos at Institut Marques!

Sharon Corr has said she feels “very honoured” to have performed for developing IVF embryos at a fertility clinic in Barcelona.

Sharon Corr embryos Alex UbagoSharon Corr played alongside Spanish personality, Alex Ubago, for hundreds of embryos growing in the clinic’s incubators.  The live performance was also streamed to embryos which were being fertilised inside incubators at Institut Marques clinic in Clane, Co Kildare and Villa Salaria in Rome.

Speaking about the performance the singer said: “It’s great to think that we could possibly be a part of the future and we could make a change, It’s just beautiful to make music.

“I’m so amazed at the whole process and how it works and yet I’m not surprised that music really helps the embryos to form because music is the greatest therapy in the world”

Institute Marques plays music for embryos

Institut Marques ClaneInstitut Marques states they have proven through research that musical vibrations increase the fertilisation rate by 5%  and so all incubators in the Clane IVF clinic, where embryos develop, have a built-in music system.  The incubators, within Institut Marques fertility centre, are exposed to micro musical vibrations 24 hours a day, from three musical styles, pop, heavy metal and classical.

Another study will analyse whether music can also improve the rate of embryo implantation. So far, it has shown that using Babypod just after embryo transfer and during the days until the pregnancy test, patients have found it has reduced their anxiety levels.

Institute Marques also discovered, in a scientific study, carried out in more than 1,000 patients, that foetuses can hear from week 16 as long as the sound reaches them through the mother´s vagina. This is achieved by using a ‘Babypod’, a vaginal device that helps to communicate with the foetus.

Institut Marqués is continuing to research the benefits of music, comparing the reactions of foetuses to different types of music, and to the voice of the mother or other relatives.

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