SIMS Acupuncture , Nutrition and Immune Issues

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SIMS Acupuncture , Nutrition and Immune Issues Discussion

I was invited to take part in a gathering at SIMS Fertility Clinic in Clonskeagh, Dublin this past weekend discussing the integration of Acupuncture and Nutrition as well as information on immune issues and infertility. Dr. David Walsh (Clinical Director of SIMS) asked my good friend and colleague Gordon Mullins, Fertility Acupuncture Specialist, to give a talk about how Fertility Acupuncture, combined with reproductive technologies like IVF, can give greater results for patients (you can visit his website here).  Other speakers at the gathering were Doctors from SIMS, such as Dr. Kevin Marron.  They spoke about how immunological factors can impact fertility, the tests they perform at SIMS andSIMS acupuncture the treatments they give to couples experiencing immune system issues. They are making great strides and helping lots of couples with immune issues get pregnant. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant and experience any of the following, it may indicate a possible immune problem:

  • Arthritis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Skin rashes
  • Endometriosis
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Hypothyroidism

At SIMS they suggest testing for immune issues when a woman has had at least 4 embryos transferred in at least 3 different transfers.  Some of the treatments they recommend would vary depending on your particular immune diagnosis.   Examples of some courses of treatment would be Aspirin, Corticosteroids, Intralipids or IV Immunoglobulin.  If you suspect you may have immune issues affecting your fertility I suggest you talk to someone like Dr. Kevin Marron at SIMS.  I spoke with him at length and he is not only very knowledgeable, but very kind as well.

It was a lovely gathering between the modalities of  IVF Doctors from SIMS Acupuncture and Nutritionists. My favourite quote of the day was from Dr. Walsh who said, “We all want to help our patients have babies”.  When people ask me what I do, it really is as simple as that, I help people to have babies.

Another speaker was Dr. Trevor Wing, best known in the UK for being a pioneering Doctor of Gynaecology helping women to conceive naturally.  His website is

I also met a lovely and knowledgeable nutritionist named Ciara Wright, PhD DipNT mNTOI.  She is a senior nutritionist at The Glenville Nutrition Ireland Clinic which is located in Rathgar, Dublin 6.  You can visit their website  They are associated with the well known Nutritionist in the UK, Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD.  If you are interested in changing your diet to enhance your chances of getting pregnant, I highly recommend you see Ciara.

SIMS Fertility Clinic regularly has free Fertility Information Events where their top fertility specialists talk about how to beat infertility.  Click here to visit the SIMS website to find out the next available open information event and register.

Always consult your doctor for medical advice and before taking any supplements, herbs or vitamins, especially if you are doing IVF.

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