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Caffeine and Fertility

Is there a Connection between Caffeine and Fertility Issues?

white coffee mug tipped over on it's side with coffee spilled outGenerally a decrease in caffeine consumption for any couple trying to conceive is recommended. A few cups of caffeine per week is probably not going to be much of a detriment, however caffeine on a daily basis could cause problems. Based on your unique circumstances (age, etc.), you need to determine how strict you need to be. Here are a few studies on the relationship between caffeine and fertility, and blood flow to the brain.

Caffeine and Fertility Study

There is a study referenced by Drs. Larry Dulgosz, close up of coffee beans on burlap clothMichael B. Brachs, Yale University School of Medicine – Epidemiologic Reviews – Vol. 14, pg 83, 1992. In this study of almost 2,000 women from Connecticut, researchers found the likelihood of infertility was 55% greater in women drinking 1 cup of coffee per day. Women who drank more than 3 cups of coffee per day were 176% more likely to experience infertility.

Another study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in Dec of 1984 showed how coffee reduces blood flow to the brain. Healthy college volunteers were given a similar amount of caffeine found in 1 cup of coffee. 30 minutes after it was administered, blood flow to the brain was shown to have 20-25% less blood flow.

Caffeine alternatives

Switching to naturally caffeine free herbal teas is a great option.  Remember that regular tea has caffeine and even that healthy green tea option has caffeine as well.  Caffeine is also in chocolate too.

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