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Third Trimester just click for source

read article By now you may be wondering just how big that belly can get and are starting to turn your attention to labour and delivery. During this time some of the issues listed below may arise. Acupuncture towards the end of your pregnancy is referred to as Pre-birth/ pre-labour Acupuncture and this is aimed at naturally promoting the onset of labour and fostering ideal conditions, thus shortening the duration of labour and helping to avoid complications. The following are some common reasons women seek our pregnancy acupuncture in their third trimester:

    • Breech presentation or malposition of your baby
    • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
    • Heartburn
    • Oedema
    • Pelvic pain or instability
    • Headache
    • Restless legs
    • Haemorrhoids
    • Birth preparation treatments such as Cervical Ripening
    • Facilitating baby’s head engaging
    • Natural Labour Induction

We haven’t listed all possible conditions so if your condition is not listed here, we can still help click at this page.