Fertility Feng Shui

Fertility Feng Shui to Get Pregnant

Fertility Feng Shui to Get Pregnant

Feng Shui to get pregnant has been used for quite some time to help fertility. Over the years I discovered that just a few feng shui fertility tips can make all the difference when trying to get pregnant. How? As a Fertility Acupuncturist seeing patients weekly for the past 18 years, I noticed that when patients go straight back into the same life and environment they have been living in, things don’t seem to change as quickly or easily.

Can Feng Shui Boost Fertility?

Over the years, I took note and it became obvious that my patients who followed Feng Shui advice (& even those who did their own huge spring cleaning or decluttering or significant redecorating or moved house) made greater strides in getting pregnant. The environment that we live in on a daily basis has an effect on our health.
We’ve all heard those stories of women who went away on vacation and got pregnant-their environment changed. Or women who moved house or changed jobs and got pregnant-again their environment changed drastically and quickly. Now, it doesn’t have to be about drastic changes like moving house, quitting your job or even changing the room of your bedroom.
There are simple, quick changes you can make to your living space right now.

Fertility Feng Shui in 3 quick steps:
The basic fertility feng shui formula to help you get pregnant is to-

⦁ de-clutter & clean
⦁ make space-get rid of stuff (a step more than de-cluttering)
⦁ enhance or activate your home with things that make your home feel better and good.
⦁ you can start in the West & East area of your home & specifically within your bedroom.

Basically Feng Shui is a method of using the flow of energy in your home or work space to attract the things you want & to deter what is unwanted. Fertility Feng Shui is specifically for helping pregnancy to happen & to deter infertility. The same as you would look after the health of your body, with feng shui, you are looking after the health of your home. You want to set up the conditions in your body that allow pregnancy to happen to bring a new life in, you also want to do this with the energy flow in your home. Fertility Acupuncture can help set up the conditions in your body & fertility feng shui can help set up the conditions in your living space. Feng Shui is more than just de-cluttering, but de-cluttering is the best place to start. De-cluttering your space leads to a de-cluttering of your mind & body. When you de-clutter your home, it’s amazing how you immediately feel it in your mind & then that feeling flows over to your body, you feel stress go away. And when stress goes away that has an effect on the physiology of your body.

Fertility Feng Shui that you can do right now

How do you do this with Fertility Feng Shui? The following are some very basic and easy to follow fertility feng shui tips for you to take advantage of.
You could also employ a feng shui expert to come to your home and give you very specific personal feng shui advice, but if you want to start “fertility feng shui-ing” your home right now, then the following tips are a great place to start & quite often I see these tips making all the difference & my fertility acupuncture patients become pregnant.

Fertility Feng Shui Cure Top Tip: Declutter & Make Space

The very first thing is to make space. Think of it like a detox for your home.
This is the best, most effective fertility feng shui upgrade to your life that you can make. You need to create new space (physically & mentally) for new life. And this is more than just organising the stuff you have & moving it around so it looks nicer, you don’t want to find a place for everything you currently have or just box it up & store it in the attic. This is going through your home & getting rid of stuff, making space.
De-clutter to make space for something new. Fertility feng shui de-cluttering is more than just clearing off your counter tops and storing your stuff someplace out of sight in your home. It’s about getting rid of stuff-stuff that is just taking up space, weighing you down. Feng shui can also involve moving things around, possibly furniture & wall hangings, etc. to create more space or to enhance your space & make your space feel better. Sometimes a picture or plant feels better when moved to a new location in your home. But first start with the de-cluttering, it’s often quick & easy to get rid of the clutter.
Fertility feng shui is about keeping only what you really really love & what you really use. If you want a great & easy method for doing just this, I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s best selling book called “The life changing magic of tidying, A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever”. Her website is www.konmari.com
Article update 14th January 2019: Netflix has a new series with Marie Kondo called “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”. Apparently people are loving it!
If just the thought of decluttering, getting rid of stuff & rearranging things in your home seems like a daunting task, well, then the energy flow is probably stuck & you would benefit from making space, but you can start small with specific locations that will help with fertility such as:

⦁ The fertility feng shui direction for children (west) &
⦁ Your health direction (east) in your home &
⦁ Your bedroom,

Feng shui direction for children

The general direction that can help boost fertility is the West for children. The West area of your home & in each room of your home represents children & should be kept clutter free & garbage free. You can locate the West direction in each of the rooms in your home. iphones have a compass app you can use that comes for free on your phone, You can use that to locate the West area of your home & for each room. Open the compass & stand in the middle of each room, then hold it up to your heart & move around until the compass denotes West. Once the West area of your home & the rooms within your home has been decluttered, you can also then enhance the West area. If you discover that your bathroom is in the West just keep it clean & keep the toilet seat down, no need to enhance the area.

Fertility Feng Shui Cures you can do right now

Sometimes fertility Feng Shui tips are referred to as fertility feng shui cures. The West is a good fertility feng shui location to enhance by placing feng shui fertility elephants-see below.
You can also place other fertility symbols such as:

⦁ a figurine of Buddha with children,
⦁ images or figures of baby animals,
⦁ a small indoor water fountain,
⦁ hollow bamboo or
⦁ pomegranates.

There are your personal feng shui directions that can be determined by a professional if needed, but try the general direction as this can be enough to make a difference. Declutter, clean & place a symbol that resonates with you & see what happens.

Feng Shui fertililty Elephants

Traditionally in feng shui, certain objects, elements & symbols can help to attract that which you desire to manifest in your life. When it comes to fertility & traditional feng shui, elephants are the go to symbol! It’s very important to note that if you place a statue of an elephant that the fertility elephant’s trunk is facing down, not up. This is because in traditional feng shui, an elephant’s trunk downward symbolises pushing through something with great strength & determination. For those facing fertility issues or IVF, having great strength & determination to push through something is exactly what is needed. The fertility elephant represents the power to accumulate energy & strength & then store energy, also great for getting pregnant.

Where to buy a fertility elephant statue

You can find places to buy fertility elephants with their trunk facing down by doing a search on google.

Feng Shui Health Direction

It is also beneficial to make changes in your general health feng shui direction. The general feng shui direction for health is East. This is especially helpful for those with specific infertility health issues and diagnoses (such as PCOS, endometriosis, low amh, high FSH, etc. or any fertility health issue) to clear up your health direction.
Steps to take:

⦁ Get your compass again &
⦁ find the East part of your entire home &
⦁ find the East part of each room &
⦁ follow the 3 steps to declutter: get rid of stuff & then enhance it.
⦁ You can use live plants or flowers or objects that are green or brown in the East area.
⦁ A small water fountain placed in the East is also beneficial as well(Amazon sells small indoor water fountains too).
⦁ f you discover that your bathroom is in the East just keep it clean & keep the toilet seat down, no need to enhance the area.

How do you know if it’s “Feng Shui’d” right?

Quite simply, if your living space starts to feel good, then the energy is probably flowing better. Other things which may happen is you sleep better, have more energy, feel more positive or upbeat, things start “falling into place” in your life.
The important thing is if your living space starts to feel good, then all you have to do is live in it for a while, give it a bit of time.

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