First IVF Clane Clinic

First IVF Clane Clinic

Breaking news! The IVF Clinic in Clane is now called “Fisrt IVF

The First IVF clinic Medical Director is no longer Dr. Lyuda Shkrobot.

For up to date information, You can visit the First IVF Clinic website at

FIRST IVF states on their mission website page that their shared purpose is: “To put your interests first, to help you have the family you desire, to face into any and all difficulties together with passion and compassion.”

The First IVF website says:

“ First IVF is pleased to have recently purchased the IVF unit in Clane from Institut Marquez in Barcelona with which it will continue to collaborate. According to Dr Tony Walsh; “We greatly appreciate the major investment in quality care at Clane by Institut Marquez and look forward to building on that history and expertise. For my part, it is heartening to come home to Ireland’s first successful IVF unit which I founded a generation ago” “ 

You can visit the First IVF Clinic website at

You can contact First IVF:

Email:                 Clane: (045) 989 500

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