First IVF Clane Clinic

Last updated: April 30th, 2021 at 06:18 pm

First IVF Clane Clinic

Breaking news! The IVF Clinic in Clane is now called “First IVF”

They also now have a location in Dundrum, Dublin.

The First IVF clinic Medical Director is now the renowned Dr. Lyuda Shkrobot:Dr. Lyuda Shkrobot sitting on sofa smiling“This is an exciting new future we are creating at First IVF and we welcome all our new colleagues to our shared vision of patient centred care- Dr Lyuda Shkrobot”.   Dr. Lyuda Shkrobot earned her Medical Degree at Vinnitsa State Medical University and specialised in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has a Masters (MSc) in Ultrasound as well as a Masters (MSc) in Reproductive Endocrinology. Her passion is in helping women with fertility issues including women with immunological problems in pregnancy. Dr Lyuda Shkrobot, is one of Ireland’s leading fertility doctors, having received ‘Doctor of the Year’ at the 2018 Irish Healthcare Awards.

More than that, Dr. Lyuda Shkrobot’s patients feel they are in good hands in her care.  Those of my patients who have had her as their IVF doctor, can’t say enough good things about her.

You can visit the First IVF Clinic website at

You can contact First IVF:

Email        Dublin(01) 963 6500            Clane(045) 989 500

FIRST IVF states on their mission website page that their shared purpose is: “To put your interests first, to help you have the family you desire, to face into any and all difficulties together with passion and compassion.”

“Anyone who has been cared for by Dr Lyuda knows that she will put their interests first and that ethos is the core of our shared mission at First IVF- Dr Tony Walsh”

More great news: The patients of First IVF Clinic in Ireland are getting FREE access to the Mindful IVF App for all of 2021. Mindful IVF in conjunction with First IVF Clinic will provide full free access to all of the programmes within the Mindful IVF app, in celebration of the opening of First IVF Clinic in Ireland in 2021. visit to see more

“The team at First IVF will be led by Dr Lyuda who will be joined early in 2021 by other eminently recognised physicians. First IVF has two locations in Dublin and Kildare. The Consulting rooms in Dublin are based in Frankfort Hall beside Dundrum LUAS station with both Consulting rooms and the IVF laboratory located in Clane, Co Kildare. First IVF is pleased to have recently purchased the IVF unit in Clane from Institut Marquez in Barcelona with which it will continue to collaborate. According to Dr Tony Walsh; “We greatly appreciate the major investment in quality care at Clane by Institut Marquez and look forward to building on that history and expertise. For my part, it is heartening to come home to Ireland’s first successful IVF unit which I founded a generation ago” “

First IVF now also has a location in Dundrum, Dublin as well as Clane:

Frankfort Hall,
Dublin D14 RX27

You can visit the First IVF Clinic website at

You can contact First IVF:

Email        Dublin(01) 963 6500            Clane(045) 989 500


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