The 2ww juice smoothie -evidence based

The 2ww juice smoothie – evidence based

How to have the Best 2 week wait: Drink this juice combo

There is an evidence based 2 week wait implantation Juice/smoothie. You read that right, it’s a thing AND it’s been studied. See the recipe below.

Implantation failure is still a great unknown. Improving uterine vascular health and circulation might be one way to improve embryo transfer outcomes by setting up the conditions for a receptive, healthy, hospitable uterine environment.

Beetroot, watermelon and ginger all contain compounds that affect circulation and combat inflammation, thus the 2ww juice combination came to be studied:

In a prospective randomized study published in the reputable Medical Journal Fertility & Sterility, the researchers wanted to see if beetroot, watermelon and ginger juice supplementation would improve endometrial receptivity to improve implantation and embryo transfer outcomes.

Participants in a Supplementation Group were instructed to intake a daily dose of homemade juice, prepared with fresh beetroot, watermelon and ginger, from the day of embryo transfer until the day of pregnancy test, while patients in the Control Group did not follow the juice protocol.

The Study Results: Implantation rate and clinical pregnancy rate were significantly higher in the Supplementation compared to Control group. Also there was a significant difference in miscarriage rate noted between the Supplementation and Control groups.

The Study Conclusion: Beetroot contains nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels allowing a rich supply of oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to flow to the uterus. Therefore its intake starting on embryo transfer day may improve embryo implantation into the uterus.

See the study here:

The Recipe: 2ww Juice  (or smoothie)

Have this juice once a day, starting from the day of embryo transfer til the day you test. If you do not have a juicer, you can make this in a blender as a smoothie (just add water for desired consistency)


½ beetroot (raw, fresh)

One slice watermelon (remove seeds and rind)

One small slice of fresh ginger (use more or less to suit your taste)

If you have never used raw fresh ginger before, a little goes a long way, it has a very strong flavour, so start with less, you can always add more.

Note that beetroot juice does stain fabric.

And this juice combo has a VERY deep, rich, red, luscious colour. You can see that it will be good for your lining.

Here is a lovely little affirmation you can think when preparing and drinking the juice/smoothie:


the red richness nourishes my receptivity

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