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How Long Should I Try Acupuncture for Fertility? A Common Question, A Comprehensive Guide

Fertility Acupuncture has emerged as a popular and effective therapy to help women get pregnant. One of the most common questions that arises is: “How long to try acupuncture for fertility?” This blog aims to shed light on this query, helping you understand the timeline and expectations associated with Fertility Acupuncture.

Understanding Fertility Acupuncture

Before diving into the duration, it’s essential to understand what Fertility Acupuncture involves. This traditional Chinese medicine technique uses fine needles to stimulate specific points on the body. With the goal to enhance fertility by improving blood flow to reproductive organs, balancing hormones, reducing stress, improving sleep and digestion and more. Usually appointments are once a week.

Setting Realistic Expectations

The treatment plan for Fertility Acupuncture is unique for everyone. Factors like your age, fertility health and diagnosis, specific fertility challenges, whether trying to get pregnant naturally or with medications or IVF, how much stress you are under, how well you sleep, your diet, exercise and environmental toxins all play a crucial role in determining how long you might need to get and continue with Fertility Acupuncture treatments.

The Typical Timeline for getting Fertility Acupuncture

Generally, the ideal is that it’s recommended to get Fertility Acupuncture for at least three to four months before ttc. This timeframe aligns with the natural egg maturation cycle, which is approximately 90 to 100 days. Regular acupuncture sessions during this period can contribute to the health of the developing egg and prepare the uterine lining for implantation. However if your timeline is shorter than 3 months, for example if you are about to start an IVF cycle or even if you are in your two week wait, Fertility Acupuncture can help no matter what stage you are at. If you have certain diagnoses like PCOS or Endometriosis or serious gut health issues, then give it at least 6 to 9 months to turn things around. Incorporating fertility Diet & Lifestyle changes can help move things along faster.

Patience is Key

Fertility acupuncture has immediate effects, but is not always a quick fix, but a part of a holistic approach to fertility enhancement. Natural methods to boost fertility are slower medicine than what people are used to- it’s not just pop a pill or get a procedure. Patience AND consistency are crucial. Remember, it’s about creating an optimal environment for conception, and this can take time to turn things around. If you change nothing, then nothing changes. I want to stress again that fertility diet & lifestyle changes also can be your secret weapon to speed things up.

Combining Fertility Acupuncture with IVF Treatments

If you are undergoing IVF treatments, Fertility Acupuncture can be an incredibly supportive therapy. Studies show that starting acupuncture a few months before your IVF cycle and continuing it throughout the IVF process, before and after embryo transfer and during the 2 week wait can enhance its effectiveness.

Listening to Your Body

While a general timeframe is helpful, it’s important to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Everyone’s response to Fertility Acupuncture is different, and your Acupuncturist should treat you and make fertility diet and lifestyle suggestions based on your lifestyle, progress and response.

You are unique, your Fertility Acupuncturist should be too

While the typical recommendation for getting Fertility Acupuncture is three to four months, individual needs vary and you need to figure out what changes will work for YOU.

Seek treatment with an Acupuncturist who genuinely specialises in fertility-meaning they only treat fertility, not that they treat fertility AND everything else too, that is not specialising. Plenty of practitioners have” jumped on the fertility band wagon”, but don’t know the nuances when it comes to fertility. They should have more than just an “interest” in fertility.  Find out what percentage of their patients are fertility patients. I genuinely specialise and only treat fertility and have worked on site in IVF clinics. Aim to get a Fertility Acupuncturist who also understands the medical infertility treatments like IVF and who can also guide you on fertility lifestyle and fertility diet changes.


People call it a fertility JOURNEY for a reason: It entails nurturing your body and setting up the conditions that allow pregnancy happen, which requires time and consistency with getting Acupuncture, following a fertility diet & making fertility friendly lifestyle changes. You should also get some hormone blood work done and consult a doctor who specialises in fertility as they know things, important things and subtle nuances that a general practitioner does not know.

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